Persius Studios - Isolated : Madness

What's going on ladies and gentlemen?

Today I will talk a little bit about my role in the newly established game development studios Persuis Studios.

Using another language

Go to "My Account", press "Edit" and select another language. Then press save. Simple as that ;)

Ga naar "Mijn Account", druk op "Bewerken" en kies een andere taal. Simpel als dat ;)

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Caedo's Codex

Caedo's Codex

Supported OS: Windows XP and higher

Get the best equipment while looting the Capital Wasteland and find all special items in Skyrim. Caedo Genesis makes great quality guides to make sure you get the best result!

Currently, I am making an updater to keep Caedo's Codex up to date. But I have had some trouble getting it working. Please check the website regularly for updates until I finished the updater.

cyberbullying is wrong!

The following story is recent, as in a few minutes recent. It is about cyberbullying. And I have no words for it.

What's going on people of the iKingsSGC and Mod Division community, as well as anyone else who watches this video for whatever reason. My name is Adam, most of you know me as TheiKing and over the past few months I have become a victim of cyber-bullying and harassment at the hands of a Minecraft modding group known as the SWD Team, the people behind the Dalek Mod.

SHW Productions Launched!

What's going on ladies and gentlemen? I am SHW better known as Sven and I am the creator for Ceado's Codex and soon many other software products!
Feel free to ask me a question at anytime at

Hoe gaat het dames en heren? Ik ben SHW beter bekend als Sven en ik ben de ontwikkelaar van Caedo's Codex en spoedig ook andere software!
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